TelePlus partners with local providers, hospitals and assisted living facilities to improve the management and health of their patients while decreasing workloads and staffing needs. We have also partnered with the top specialists in the world to develop scientifically-proven protocols that can be personalized to your patients. TelePlus provides the software, management tools, education and support to help providers deliver superior care while allocating fewer resources and receiving recurrent payment for services.
Our services integrate seamlessly into EMRs and are HIPAA compliant.

In collaboration with UPENN, we also offer Sleep Certification and a Sleep Solution for MDs in Asia.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS): Facts and Reimbursement

  • Your patients will gain a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who can help them plan for better health and stay on track for good health.

  • Patients will receive a comprehensive care plan.

  • Encouraging patients to use Chronic Care Management (CCM) will give them the support they need between visits. Having a regular touchpoint may help patients think about their health more and engage with their treatment plans.

  • Improve care coordination and health outcomes. You will receive payment specifically in support of your provision of care when you provide a minimum of 20 minutes of CCM services each month.

  • Offering care management activities, CCM can provide you with additional resources to help your practice care for high-risk, high-needs patients.

  • Support patient compliance and help patients feel more connected.

  • Sustain and grow your practice. Ongoing care management outside of in-person visits has not always been separately billable in payment, making it difficult for practices to sustain service provision.