About TelePlus Healthcare

TelePlus Healthcare LLC (TelePlus) is a medical information technology company that combines comprehensive telehealth and tele-educational services with the leading treatment technology. TelePlus offers telehealth solutions in several health areas including Congestive Heart Failure and Weight Management.

The all-inclusive service offering of TelePlus includes the following:

  • Congestive Heart Failure Telehealth Program

  • Remote Detox Program

  • Patient Tracking and Monitoring

  • IT Integration

  • Integration of Innovative Medical Technology Devices

  • Apps & Mobile Devices Connecting Nurses to Patients

  • Remote Health Consultation

  • Transition of Care

  • Chronic Care Management

  • Remote Group Therapy

In addition, the TelePlus platform incorporates multiple layers of service, education and treatment for providers, including physician education and training, patient treatment, and administrative tasks.

If your medical practice would like to offer TelePlus Healthcare’s services to your patients, please contact us at contact@teleplushc.com. We will reply to you right away!

TelePlus is a HIPAA compliant organization and also complies with the HiTech act revision of HIPAA.

Meet Our Global Team

Core Team

Dr. Suzanne Shugg

CEO / Founder

Rex Cherng

COO / Founder

Dave Nichols


Rama Kumble


Phil Paschik

General Manager of IT

Kevin Cheng

General Manager of Education

Medical Advisory Team

Dr. Donald Rubenstein

Cardiologist, MD

Dr. Miguel Conde

Oncologist, MD

Dr. John Tarrant

Former Chief of Medical Staff for the Commonwealth of Kentucky