Remote Detox Program

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but more challenging for those with past or current addictions.  It is usually difficult to get into a detox program, which is further coupled with fears of contracting COVID-19 and restrictions related to the pandemic. Studies show that alcohol sales online sales were up nearly 500% in late April.  Ultimately, impairing immune system function and an increased susceptibility to respiratory illness could contribute to more severe COVID-19 and other illness that would increase the risk of mortality.

There are limited options for treating alcohol addiction and abuse even before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit.  This is plagued by the high cost of treatment, stigma associated by treatment, restrictions of inpatient treatment, and the location of treatment.  Remote Detox Services are extremely limited, and presently no medical monitored Detox Solution exists in the market.  Teleplus Healthcare offers a complete solution for Remote 4-day Detox.  Teleplus has partnered with some of the best Recovery Specialists in the field as well as with Soberlink, a FDA cleared Breathalyzer with facial recognition and GPS tracking. Teleplus solution includes patient screening for appropriateness, remote monitoring 4-times a day of blood pressure, heart rate and alcohol level by breathalyzer, as well as a provider management dashboard and alert system.  Teleplus is backed by Jag Technology, one of the most reliable IT healthcare solution providers in the world.

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